Hydration Station

Hydration Station in Houston

The Solar Lounge proudly introduces the Hydration Station™ the latest in skin care technology. The Hydration Station™ is designed to moisturize, detoxify and cleanse the skin leaving the skin feeling revived and hydrated.

For MAXIMUM Tanning or Sunless Results, use the Hydration Station™ before your VersaSpa™ session for a deeper darker longer lasting tan.

Results you can expect:

• Smooth, baby-soft skin
• Completely detoxifies the skin
• Burns 300-500 calories per session
• Darker UV tanning results
• Even, odor-free, sunless results that last days longer
• Deep and even skin care product penetration
• Advanced absorption of nutrients & active ingredients
• Improved appearance of skin tonality

Three programs to choose from:


For the UV Tanner. The skin is ultimately prepared to achieve the darkest, richest UV color in this 20-minute session
• Skin is perfectly prepared for maximum UV results
• Delivers full body Tingle Factor X 100 Phenomenon WITHOUT the hot sensation
• Accelerates your accelerators
• Promotes a darker, richer tan
• Skin is left with a radiant glow


For the Sunless Tanner. Ensure flawless longer- lasting sunless results with this 20-minute session.
• Provides natural skin cleansing, balancing and moisturization.
• Accelerates primer and DHA penetration
• Skin hydration enhances the evenness of every DHA application
• Prolongs streak-free sunless results days longer
• Reduces post-DHA odor and tacky feel


For Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation & Conditioning. A total skin makeover in 30 minutes!
• Replenishes and retains moisture in the skin
• Boosts the effectiveness of vitamins and nutrients in skincare products
• Improves the appearance of skin tone
• Accelerates professional moisturizer penetration

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