California Tan AutoBronzer

  • Private spray application
  • Open-air, "non-claustrophobic" unit for a comfortable and stress-free tan
  • Full-body spray tan and auto dry in under one minute
  • Choice of three tanning levels based on body shape and size
  • Immediate perfect, even, golden tan
  • Longer-lasting color
  • Fast, convenient application with only 2 body positions
  • Easy-to-follow voice instructions
  • Unique DRY tower with no need to towel off


VersaSpa Sunless Tanning in Houston

Our VersaSpa® Skin Care System is the leader of Sunless Tanning. VersaSpa® offers three full body skin treatments:
Prep – Spray – Moisturizer
Prep – For a more even application, the Prep PH balances your skin eliminating the orange effect to help achieve a natural looking result.
Spray – Choose your favorite tone; Light, Dark or Extra Dark, they’re all natural looking colors!
Moisturizer – Hydrates your skin, locks in your color for longer lasting results.
Come into The Solar Lounge and experience the VersaSpa®.
Our staff will provide you with excellent customer service, detailed explanation about our VersaSpa®, and will gladly answer any questions you might have.
VersaSpa Tanning Machine — Tan in Houston,TX
VersaSpa® Sunless Skin Care System™
  • 3 Different Full Body Skin Treatments
  • Pre-Sunless Hydration
  • Multiple Shades of Color
  • Anti-Aging Moisturizer
  • Voice Automation – Will Guide You During Your Session
  • Automatically Dries you to eliminate streaking
A Natural Looking Sunless Tan in just 60 Seconds!
Tanning Marchine — Tan in Houston,TX